What time will the hot tub be delivered?

We will contact you on your delivery date and provide you with a 1-hour time slot once we have completed our daily route plan.

Please note: the times given are estimated and can vary depending on traffic or emergency call-outs. Please see the important information section for more details.

How long will the hot tub take to heat?

Roughly 24 hours if filled with cold water. During the winter months, we may need to hot-fill the tub from your kitchen tap, but it still cannot be used for 24 hours due to the high chlorine levels.

Can I use the hot tub if I am pregnant?

It is not recommended to use a hot tub at high temperatures during pregnancy. You should always contact your doctor for medical advice before use.

How long will the hot tub take to set up and fill?

It will take us approximately 30-45 minutes to set up the hot tub and demonstrate how to use it safely. We will start to fill it and add the chemicals before we leave, but we would expect you to turn the water off once it is at the correct level.

I don't have any outdoor access, can you carry the hot tub through the house?

There is lots of equipment to carry through your house and back again when we collect. This takes up a lot of extra time and work. For this reason, there is a £40 extra charge to carry out hires with no outdoor access.

How do you clean the hot tubs?

We deep clean, disinfect and sanitise all of our equipment after every hire. We use the specialist hot tub antibacterial cleaner ‘pro-kleen’ along with disinfectant and sanitiser.

Do I need to be at home when you set up and collect?

Yes. Someone would need to be in to sign all paperwork and to take verbal usage instructions. We like to demonstrate how to safely use the hot tubs to each customer during setup. However, when we collect we do not necessarily need anyone to be home, providing we have access to the hot tub, a power supply, and an outside tap.

  • If we cannot gain access to the hot tub at the time arranged for collection, you will be charged per day until we can gain access and when we are next available.

Do I need to shower before entering the hot tub?

Yes, everyone who uses the tub MUST shower before entering. It is very important to clean yourself prior to using the hot tub to prevent harmful bacteria from growing in the water. Not showering will also cause your water to become very dirty very quickly.

Can the hot tub be set up on grass?

Yes, providing it is flat and dry. We do prefer to set up on a flat patio area if possible.

Can I plug the hot tub into an extension lead?

No, the hot tub must be plugged into a mains power supply which needs to be within 7 meters of the set-up area. Using an extension lead is very dangerous and will cause the socket to overheat.

What size area do I need for a hot tub or gazebo package?

You will need a flat area of approximately 6ft square for a hot tub or 8ft square for a gazebo package.